Every year from August to September is the back to school season, and before term begins, parents will pay more attention to the selection of desk light. Philips lighting who has set the standards of high-quality desk light with China authorities, is the industry leader. However, the market voice and consumer recognition has not achieved where it should be. To make the most of this golden period, Philips lighting decided to target at families to claim leadership image in desk light category and drive retail traffics.

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    A Category Taken For Granted

    - Eyecare education & consumption lag behind comparing to other wellness trends.
    - Consumers don't realize the association between health vision and high-quality light.
    - Eyecare knowledge/technology were relatively unintelligible for the public.

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    Education On Lighting & Eye Care

    - Arouse awareness towards eyecare and help consumers acquire integrated knowledge of eye comfort
    - Level up consumers’ mindset and guide them on the benefits of all-round product solutions from Philips LEDs Family in the life.
    - Identify & interpret eyecare technology into comprehensive and creative RTB & brand video
    - Strategic communication channel mapping to create social buzz, authoritative endorsement & in-depth engagement to help drive sales

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    Change Perception & Call For Actions

    - RMB 1+million AD value and 1+ BILLION impression from media
    - Widely supported by platforms and influencers reach: 7+ million reads and over 253k direct engagements
    - Positive word of mouth foundation built-up to drive sales
    - Brand and product mentions increased by 1395% according to Baidu index (similar to Google Trend) and Eye Comfort mentions increased by 616%